We are all volunteers with limited capacity to respond to phonecalls, so please use the webforms or email where possible.

For general enquiries about the project, email Rachele or call 07905 271883

For inquiries about this website, email Kim:


Project coordination: The Old Abbey Taphouse

The Old Abbey Taphouse re-opened in October 2016 as a STEAM (that’s Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths) focused hub in a pub connecting communities through events and creating networks between academics, residents and local businesses.

Our team strives to serve the community using our knowledge in events and academia and our connections to the Hulme area. We are DIY people with a back ground in history, geography, co-operatives, music and the arts.

Delivery coordination: ACORN

ACORN is a community based union of working class people – tenants, workers, residents.

We are a member-led campaigning organisation supporting & empowering low-income communities across the country to fight for a better life.

We know that the economic and political set up in this country isn’t working for us, so we set up ACORN to give our people the power and representation they’re entitled to.

Logistics coordination: Geeks for Social Change

Geeks for Social Change is a research and development studio based in Manchester, UK.

We work in collaboration with people, organisations and communities to deliver tools, training and support for lasting and holistic change. Our community-based approach to technology and research helps organisations and social enterprises achieve their social aims.

We can develop websites and apps, create training and support programs, conduct social science research, create partnerships, and strengthen communities. Our approach prioritises digital inclusion with the aim of improving lives and transforming communities.

Produce coordination: Gaskell Garden Project

The Gaskell Garden Project is based in Manchester, and started out in 2014 as a growing group of friends, which included refugees & asylum seekers as well as UK citizens, who gardened together in the tradition of permaculture, sold surplus produce and used the money raised to further the welfare of our refugee & asylum seeker friends.

As we grew, we began to run workshops, both at home and at festivals, as well as running our own events. We saw both our volunteers and our refugees & asylum seekers grow in all sorts of ways, and began to understand the potential of our work.

Out of this was born the Gaskell Garden Project as it is now, and our Sponsorship Programme, which sponsors refugees & asylum seekers to help their meet their needs in their new environment. Crucially, however, the ethos of equality and friendship runs deep – they are our friends, rather than service users.